Our Core Values

DataMined renders services to its Clients based on the following core values


We believe and promise to always act in the best interest of our Clients and society in general. The law sets our minimum standards of conduct and we will always aim to act accordingly.


We value truthfulness in all our undertakings and will expect all our Clients to act similarly.


We strongly believe in the diversity of mankind. Such diversity gives each uniqueness which, when harnessed, serves for the common good. We value the differences in gender, opinions, experiences, beliefs, races, nationalities, tribes and customs. We believe these differences make the world a better society. We will serve our Clients fully cognizant of the diversities in needs and expectations.


We believe employees are what make us and our Clients prosper. We abhor exploitation of any kind and we expect our Clients to treat their employees with the dignity they deserve.


All our employees and partners are expected to live by these standards. While we do not expect our Clients to live by them, we seek for your support in upholding them.